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If you have a stallion, you must submit a List of Mares Bred (LOMB) to the USTA. This creates the pre-assigned registration numbers for the resulting foals and the mating certificates, which is your assurance that the stud fee will be paid to you before a foal is registered.

There are multiple ways you can submit a LOMB:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to notify the USTA if my stallion bred mares?

Your completed LOMB must be submitted by September 1 of the breeding year.

Is there a fee due when I submit the LOMB?

Yes, a $5 fee per mare bred is due with the LOMB submission. If the LOMB is not submitted by September 1 of the breeding year, the fee increases to $10 per mare.

When will I receive the mating certificates?

Mating certificates are now held electronically at the USTA. Any owner or lessee of the stallion, or an authorized agent, can release mating certificates via the individual's USTA MyAccount ( View Online Tutorial ). Until mating certificates are released electronically by you, a foal registration cannot be completed.

You may request that paper mating certificates are mailed to you by contacting the USTA. You then mail the signed mating certificate to the dam owner once the stud fee is paid. They in turn submit it to the USTA at the same time as when they submit their Foal Registration Application.

What if a foreign mare that is not registered with the USTA or Standardbred Canada is bred to my stallion?

A foreign mare that was in North America when being bred to your stallion but is not registered with the USTA or Standardbred Canada must still be included on the LOMB. Please inform the mare's owner that they must fill out the Application for Foreign Horse Registration.

Is there a limit to how many mares my stallion can breed?

Yes, effective with the breeding season of 2011, any new stallion cannot breed more than 140 mares in North America. For stallions that had been breeding prior to 2011, limits are as follows:

Breeding Season 2008 & before 2009 2010 2011 & thereafter
Trotting Stallions no limit 140 140 140
Pacing Stallions no limit 160 150 140