Before a horse can qualify or race at a fair for the first time, Electronic Eligiblities must be ordered. This allows for a horse to be dropped in the box at a racetrack and facilitates the retention of the horse's racing performance.

There are two ways you can request eligibilities:

Things to know before requesting electronic eligibilities:

  • DNA typing must be completed and the horse named before the EE can be issued. Click here for information on getting your horse DNA typed.
  • Ownership on the horse needs to be current.
  • All owners or lessees must have current membership.
  • EE's should be requested a few days prior to the first start.
  • An EE cannot be issued prior to January 1 of the 2 year-old year.

My horse was previously a trotter (pacer). Can I change the Eligibility to reflect a new gait?

Yes, and there is not an additional fee! Please contact our Member Services Department to let them know your horse is now a Pacer (Trotter). They can be reached at 877-800-USTA ext. 1 or at

Will the Canadian Eligibility be valid at US tracks?

Yes! Eligibilities are reciprocal so there is no need to pay for a US Lifetime Eligibility if a horse already has current annual Standardbred Canada Eligibility.

My horse previously raced on a Canadian Eligibility and it expired in December. How much is it to get one issued from the USTA?

There is a $35 fee to acquire the USTA Lifetime Eligibility for a horse already issued a Standardbred Canada Eligibility. (either current or expired)