Pleasure Registration

Is your horse done racing? Are you giving your horse away or selling him/her and do not want them raced or bred? Previously you may have sold them without papers, but there's a new way!

Convert their registration to Pleasure Registration before they leave your care and encourage the new owners to transfer the horse into their name to reduce your liability of being listed as an owner of a horse that you no longer have. Click here for the Pleasure Horse Conversion Application.

There are two types of Pleasure Registration:

  1. Non-Racing - the horse will no longer be able to race
  2. Non-Racing/Non-Breeding - the horse will no longer be able to race and future offspring will not be eligible for registration with the USTA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I convert my horse's registration to Pleasure?

Converting your horse's registration will ensure that your wishes are honored, that the horse not have future progeny registered and/or be raced again. In the past, you may have held onto the registration certificate when the horse was given away or sold. However, the horse would then perpetually stay in your name and the new owner, would have no sense of title. By converting the horse to Pleasure the new owner can still transfer the horse into their name and have a registration certificate that proves their ownership.

Who can convert a horse's registration to Pleasure?

Pleasure Registration conversion is open to members with care, custody or control of a horse for which they are the listed owner in the USTA database. Conversion cannot be done on a horse no longer in the care, custody or control of the listed owner.

Can I get new papers once a horse's registration is converted to Pleasure?

Yes, new registration papers can be mailed out to reflect the horse's converted status. This may be wanted especially for pleasure discipline competition.

Can the Pleasure Registration be reversed?

No, conversion to Pleasure Registration is final and irreversible.