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You may choose to lease a horse, whether for breeding or racing, as opposed to buying it outright. There is different paperwork required to record the lease, but you are afforded all the rights and responsibilities for filing the appropriate paperwork with the USTA, just as an owner would be.

How do I record a lease with the USTA?

The USTA has a Lease Form available that must be turned in to record the lease for all racing and breeding records.

How do I cancel a lease?

The USTA has a Lease Cancellation Form that may be filled out and faxed, emailed or mailed in to the office.

Can a lease be recorded for an indefinite amount of time?

Only breeding leases may not have an ending date for the lease. Racing leases must have a beginning and an end date.

If I lease a stallion or broodmare, will I be able to sign the mating certificate or registration application?

Yes, in fact any correspondence regarding a stallion or broodmare will be sent to the lessee on file and the lessee is responsible for filing the appropriate paperwork when it comes to breeding.

Does the USTA have a lease template available?

Because the terms of a lease vary widely, the USTA does not provide a lease agreement that both parties would sign. We recommend you create a separate document as an agreement between both parties that indicates all the terms of the lease. The USTA does not read the terms of a lease - it is for record keeping purposes only.