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Importing a Foreign Horse

  • You must complete an Application for Foreign Horse Registration. The application must include the color, sex, all white markings, scars and brands, as well as pedigree information.
  • The Clearance (Export) Certificate from the registry in the country of origin must be submitted to the USTA. This should contain the pedigree, physical description, past performance, ownership information and parentage information.
  • The fee to import a horse and register it with the USTA is $325. If the horse will be racing, there is an additional $100 fee to cover the cost of issuing electronic eligibility.

Exporting a Horse

  • The Application for Export Certificate, which includes the horse’s name, color, sex, freeze brand/tattoo/microchip number and white markings, must be submitted to the USTA, usually by the shipping company.
  • The identity of the horse must be verified prior to leaving the country by someone authorized by the executive vice president of the USTA. Arrangements are typically made by the shipping company.
  • The original certificate must be returned with the transfer section completed, if applicable, with the new buyer and the appropriate transfer fee included.
  • In addition to being parentage verified, the horse being exported must be microchipped prior to leaving the country.
  • The fee to export a horse is $350. The USTA will issue an Export Certificate directly to the registry in the foreign country.